Welcome to Tackle Shack USA! Located at 12061 Foothill Blvd in the Sylmar neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, our shop is the best place to find fishing tackle of all kinds in the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles area.

Our founders Mike and Steve are both entrepreneurs with a lifetime of recreational and competitive fishing experience. Both of us have fished for more than thirty years and have been involved in tournament bass fishing for about ten years each.

When we decided to get together and open up a tackle shop, one of our main goals was to change the culture by creating a friendly atmosphere at Tackle Shack USA. Visitors to our shop will not be made to feel uncomfortable just because they don’t already know everything there is to know about fishing or fishing tackle.

Our goal was simple: make it easy for people to come in, ask questions, and walk out with the right tackle!

Neither of us is participating in small local tournaments anymore, so you can be confident that we’re not holding anything back to protect our competition secrets! Do you want to know which baits have been proven to work? We’ll happily tell you. Or maybe you’d like to find out which spots at the local lakes will produce epic days of fishing? We’re happy to tell you that, too!

It all comes down to the reason we decided to open Tackle Shack USA in the first place: to enjoy the great sport of fishing and help other people do the same.

One more thing: Tackle Shack USA is well-stocked with baits that really work. In fact, we stock a wide range of items carefully selected by Mike and Steve, so you can come in and find whatever you need to enjoy your next fishing adventure. Come on in and see for yourself!

``Where The Action Starts And Never Ends!``


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