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About our So-cal saltwater fishing

We are lucky to be living next to some of the most fun and diverse fisheries in the world. Not too far from the Los Angeles landings, we have the beautiful Catalina Island. Home to fish like Calico Bass, Pacific Bonito, and yellowtail! Looking to go further from shore? Not a problem, head to San Clemente Island where only 10 miles offshore you have a chance at Bluefin Tuna and at those massive Clemente yellowtail! 

A side of So-Cal fishing that is often overlooked is the phenomenal kelp and rock fishing. Days full of fishing and to finish it off great eating. In our local kelps you have a shot at White Sea Bass, Calicos, and those tasty Sheepshead. Don’t sleep on the surf fishing either, all along the California shoreline there is some fun fishing. There’s a few different species that are targeted along the shore such as Halibut and Perch. 

Catalina Island

Tackleshack Suggestions

Our Island Recommendations

Take three setups: A live bait rod(20-30), jig stick(30-60), and a light bass rod(10-25).

Tackle: Size 4 Flyliner Hook, 25# and 40# Fluorocarbon, Surface Irons, and Yo-yo jigs. 

Our Local Recommendations:

Setups: Light bass rod(10-25) and live bait rod(20-30). 

Tackle: 4-10oz Weights, Size 2/0 and 2 Hooks, 80G Colt Snipers, and Hookup Baits.

Our Shore Recommendations:

Setups: 8-10ft rod with a 300 size baitcaster(Lexa 300)

Tackle: SW Lucky Craft (Grunion), Gulp Sand Worms, Mosquito hooks, 3/4oz to 1/8oz weights, and 25# test line.

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