Yamamoto 4″ Double Tail Grub 20pk


The Yamamoto Double Tail Grubs make great jig trailers or they can be added to a Yamamoto Skirt to create your own spider jig color combination. If you’re looking to improve your odds with a spinnerbait, the Yamamoto Double Tail Grubs make for great trailers as well, and allow you to slow down your retrieve by adding a little extra bulk and resistance to your presentation. The added disturbance created by both tails really lets fish hone in on your bait. The soft supple plastic used in all Yamamoto Baits gives the Double Tail Grubs a great action and a realistic feel to lure fish in and make them hold on longer. Available in a wide range of Yamamoto colors, there is a Yamamoto Double Tail Grub perfect for any situation.

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Yamamoto Custom Baits


Smoke with Black Flk, Green Pumpkin Black Flk, Cinnamon Black and Purple Flk, Cinnamon with Black Flk


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