Yamamoto Zako Swimbait 4″ 6pk



Designed by B.A.S.S. Elite Series Pro, Brett Hite, the Zako Swimbait joins the ranks of Yamamoto’s legendary line of soft plastic baits. Its segmented body and forked tail allow it to excel as a vibrating jig trailer, and its split-belly makes it a great choice for weedless Texas-rigging. The Zako also features a large-belly baitfish profile that perfectly mimics Bluegill and Shad, while also giving you more plastic to feed onto a jig-hook. Available in a wide range of Yamamoto’s signature colors, the Zako Swimbait is sure to be a staple in every angler’s box.

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  • The Gary Yamamoto Zako is a 4 inch swimbait/soft jerkbait with a tight tail swimming action.
  • Ribbed body, deep-belly profile, and segmented tail section.
  • Excellent as a swim jig or vibrating jig.
  • Centerline on top of bait for easy and accurate rigging.


Yamamoto Custom Baits


021/297 Laminate, Black W/Large Blue Flake, Chartreuse/Shad Laminate, Cream White, Disco Green, Electric Shad, Fading Watermelon W/Black, Green Pumkin w/Black/White, Green Pumpkin No Flake/192, Green Pumpkin/Black Flake, Rainbow Shad, Sight Flash, Tennessee Shad, Watermelon w/Copper/Orange, Watermelon/Lemon Lam


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