Yamamoto Senko Worm, 5″

If there’s been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the years, it’s the Yamamoto Senko. With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action, the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. The beauty of the Senko is in it’s simplicity. The Yamamoto Senko may just look like a thick round plastic worm but the fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad. When rigged weightless the Yamamoto Senko falls horizontally with a seductive side to side tail action. Try wacky rigging or texas rigging the Yamamoto Senko and experience the versatility and effectiveness it provides.

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All Variations

ImageSKUColorsDescriptionPriceAdd to Cart
9-10-0953Smoke with Purple & BlueSmoke with Purple & Blue$7.99
9-10-2021Black with Large BlueBlack with Large Blue$7.99
9-10-1931Blue Pearl with Large SilverBlue Pearl with Large Silver$7.99
9-10-1936Cream WhiteCream White$7.99
9-10-042JFading WatermelonFading Watermelon$7.99
9-10-1951Black with Small RedBlack with Small Red$7.99
9-10-0150Smoke with Large BlackSmoke with Large Black$7.99
9-10-0156Chartreuse with Large BlackChartreuse with Large Black$7.99
9-10-0157Smoke with Large Black &Smoke with Large Black &$7.99
9-10-0159Blue Black & Large ChartreuseBlue Black & Large Chartreuse$7.99
9-10-0167Motor Oil with Large RedMotor Oil with Large Red$7.99
9-10-0169Chartreuse with LargeChartreuse with Large$7.99
9-10-0176Cinnamon (Brown) with LargeCinnamon (Brown) with Large$7.99
9-10-0177Smoke with Large Black &Smoke with Large Black &$7.99
9-10-0186Pumpkin (Orange) with LargePumpkin (Orange) with Large$7.99
9-10-0187Clear with Large BlackClear with Large Black$7.99
9-10-0194Watermelon with Large BlackWatermelon with Large Black$7.99
9-10-0196Pumpkin (Orange) with LargePumpkin (Orange) with Large$7.99
9-10-0197Clear with Large BlackClear with Large Black &$7.99
9-10-0208Watermelon with Large Black &Watermelon with Large Black &$7.99
9-10-0213Junebug Purple with EmeraldJunebug Purple with Emerald$7.99
9-10-0214Smalloke with LargeSmalloke with Large$7.99
9-10-0215Cinnamon Red (Red Brown) withCinnamon Red (Red Brown) with$7.99
9-10-0221Cinnamon Brown with LargeCinnamon Brown with Large$7.99
9-10-0222Watermelon with Large Red &Watermelon with Large Red &$7.99
9-10-0231Plum with Small EmeraldPlum with Small Emerald$7.99
9-10-0234Purple Pearl with Small BluePurple Pearl with Small Blue$7.99
9-10-0236Smoke Root Beer with SmallSmoke Root Beer with Small$7.89
9-10-0238Smalloke with Large Black &Smalloke with Large Black &$7.99
9-10-0239Blue Pearl with Large Black &Blue Pearl with Large Black &$7.99
9-10-0240Smoke Pearl BlueSmoke Pearl Blue$7.99
9-10-0241Cinnamon BrownCinnamon Brown$7.99
9-10-0284Root Beer with Large Red &Root Beer with Large Red &$7.99
9-10-0300Pearl GoldPearl Gold$7.99
9-10-0301Green Pumpkin with LargeGreen Pumpkin with Large$7.99
9-10-0302Red with Large Black & LargeRed with Large Black & Large$7.99
9-10-0303Pearl with Gold & BlackPearl with Gold & Black$7.99
9-10-0305Baby BassBaby Bass$7.99
9-10-0306Natural ShadNatural Shad$7.99
9-10-0318Green Pumpkin with Large RedGreen Pumpkin with Large Red$7.99
9-10-0324Watermelon with Large GreenWatermelon with Large Green$7.99
9-10-0325Oxblood Brown Indigo with RedOxblood Brown Indigo with Red$7.99
9-10-0326Clear with Gold/Silver/BlackClear with Gold/Silver/Black$7.99
9-10-0327Firetiger Chartreuse withFiretiger Chartreuse with$7.99
9-10-0328Fading Watermelon with BlueFading Watermelon with Blue$7.99
9-10-0329Fading Watermelon with PurpleFading Watermelon with Purple$7.99
9-10-0330Green Pumpkin with Purple &Green Pumpkin with Purple &$7.99
9-10-0337Watermelon with RedWatermelon with Red$7.99
9-10-0354Watermelon MagicWatermelon Magic$7.99
9-10-0355Green Pumpkin MagicGreen Pumpkin Magic$7.99
9-10-0356Plum ApplePlum Apple$7.99
9-10-0357Light Green Pumpkin withLight Green Pumpkin with$7.99
9-10-0358Dark Pumpkin withDark Pumpkin with$7.99
9-10-0359Smoke Blue Pearl withSmoke Blue Pearl with$7.99
9-10-0361Watermelon Red MagicWatermelon Red Magic$7.99
9-10-0363Green Pumpkin BlueGreen Pumpkin Blue$7.99
9-10-0367Mad MelonMad Melon$7.99
9-10-0368Watermelon CandyWatermelon Candy$7.99
9-10-0369Green Pumpkin RedGreen Pumpkin Red$7.99
9-10-374NMorning DawnMorning Dawn$7.99
9-10-0376Watermelon VioletWatermelon Violet$7.99
9-10-0386B-Bug GrinderB-Bug Grinder$7.99
9-10-0387Mowed GrassMowed Grass$7.99
9-10-0388Dirty PlumDirty Plum$7.99
9-10-0541Cinnamon Brown with LargeCinnamon Brown with Large$7.99
9-10-0542Watermelon with Large BlackWatermelon with Large Black$7.99
9-10-0543Smoke Black Flake Copper BodySmoke Black Flake Copper Body$7.99
9-10-0547Green Pumpkin with LargeGreen Pumpkin with Large$7.99
9-10-0900Red Shad (Red & BlackRed Shad (Red & Black$7.99
9-10-0901Watermelon & White LaminateWatermelon & White Laminate$7.99
9-10-0904Blue & Black LaminateBlue & Black Laminate$7.99
9-10-0906Watermelon & Lemon LaminateWatermelon & Lemon Laminate$7.99
9-10-0908Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout$7.99
9-10-0909Chartreuse ShadChartreuse Shad$7.99
9-10-0912Green Pumpkin & WatermelonGreen Pumpkin & Watermelon$7.99
9-10-0913Green Pumpkin with ChartreuseGreen Pumpkin with Chartreuse$7.99
9-10-0918Purple Butter & Jelly LaminatePurple Butter & Jelly Laminate$7.99
9-10-0921Brown Purple LaminateBrown Purple Laminate$7.99
9-10-0922Brown Purple LaminateBlack & Red with Silver$7.99
9-10-0925Green Pumpkin with Small RedGreen Pumpkin with Small Red$7.99
9-10-0927Smoke with Purple & HologramSmoke with Purple & Hologram$7.99
9-10-0952Bama BugBama Bug$7.99
9-10-0954Purple with EmeraldPurple with Emerald$7.99
9-10-0955Watermelon Black with RedWatermelon Black with Red$7.99
9-10-0956Watermelon with Copper FlakeWatermelon with Copper Flake$7.99
9-10-0960Green WeenieGreen Weenie$7.99
9-10-0963Gooseberry LaminateGooseberry Laminate$7.99
9-10-0964Watermelon Slice LaminateWatermelon Slice Laminate$7.99
9-10-0973Electric ShadElectric Shad$7.99
9-10-0974Dirty ShadDirty Shad$7.99
9-10-0975Green FlashGreen Flash$7.99
9-10-0980Watermelon MoondustWatermelon Moondust$7.99



It starts with an idea, and a dream. On December 21, 1976, Gary Yamamoto moved his family to Page, Arizona and purchased a campground. In 1983, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits was formed.

If you know Gary Yamamoto like we do, you know his insatiable love for the sport of fishing is matched only by his obsession with producing the highest quality soft-plastic fishing lures on the market today. Every bait is inspected by hand. What doesn't pass inspection is recycled and re-used. Every year, 2.5 million baits are shipped world-wide.

We want to thank our customers for thinking so highly of our product and we wish you great success at the sport of fishing. Whenever you go fishing for fun with family and friends, whenever you're in stiff competition, you honor us for making Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits a key part of your fishing trips and memories.